The Dork Report

The Dork Report for April 13, 2006

  • Can a virtual band break up? The latest Gorillaz newsletter features the following response from Murdoc: “Absolutely gobsmacking! I know whatshisface gave us a hand with the record and, yes, a great big round of applause to him and his Gorillaz ‘tribute act’ concerts in Harlem, but who the hell is this bloke to say when it’s time to pull the plugs on MY band? Seriously. And incidentally, I think I may be overstepping the mark here, but I personally can’t really see a next album for Blur. ‘Think Tank’ was probably the best album they could make, so maybe a couple of gigs in Las Vegas then I’d put the whole thing to bed. Unbelievable!”
  • Obligatory Snakes on a Plane updates (featuring reporting by Herpetologist Andrea):
  • How companies get product placement for “free.” (guest submission Sponsored by Andrea)
  • Watch, nay, smell The New World in Smell-O-Vision. (guest submission from Olfactorally Pleasing Andrea)
  • Finally! Confirmation that The Beatles are remastering their catalog! Let It Be… Naked and 1 sound nothing less than glorious… I can’t wait for the rest.
  • I’ve been a loyal Lost addict watcher since the very beginning, but have strangely never thought to check it out online. Just for starters (featuring reporting by But-Now-I’m-Found Andrea):
  • Great Scott! The Jerry Seigel estate was awarded the copyright to Superboy? As the comics industry is about as historically evil as the music industry, this is remarkable.
  • Doctor Who Season Two kicks off Saturday! Lots to look forward to, including even a spinoff show for kids.
  • A new study on gender and reading finds some shocking, shocking results: evidently men are all about “angst and Orwell… puberty reading” while women reach for either Mr. Darcy or the “slash your wrist corner.” And let’s not even get into hardcover/paperback tendencies. (guest submission by Bibliophile Andrea)
  • A key component in everyone’s disaster survival pack: a genuine 19th Century Vampire hunting kit. (guest submission from Dave)

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