The Dork Report

The Dork Report for August 4, 2006

  • Exxon/Mobile reports record profits of $10.36 billion for the last quarter, the highest yet not just for themselves but possibly for any company ever. You almost have to laugh.
  • Wikipedia’s entry on Doctor Who‘s Sarah Jane Smith clears something up. The good news: there are now apparently two additional Doctor Who spinoff series in production (to accompany next year’s Torchwood). The bad: what I had thought was a Sarah Jane & K-9 show is actually two: the independently-produced K-9 Adventures, and Sarah Jane Investigates from the BBC and writer/producer Russell T. Davies. Either show may not feature both characters, which is quite a disappointment, as it would have been more than the sum of its parts.
  • Alleged Mac OS X Leopard screenshots & feature set (spotted on Macintouch). If these are anything other than phake Photoshop phantasies, here are the highlights for me:
    • Dashboard widgets will finally be available actually outside of the "Negative Zone." Now they might actually be useful!
    • Mail 3.0? Let’s hope they give it a complete and total interfacelift (so to speak).
  • I’ve been hearing about Quicksilver for ages, but never tried it because I didn’t really understand what it was. But I’m playing with it now and understand why… it’s a kind of blank slate that does nothing and yet everything. For any Mac users who might stumble upon this blog, I say try it right now (hey, it’s free, and skim this for a few ideas on how to use it). I suppose one way to describe it is what Spotlight could have and should have been.
  • Starry Night in Lego. (spotted on

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