The Dork Report

The Dork Report for August 8, 2006

  • Some bad news for Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood: seems hours of footage shot in low-light on hi-def digital cameras (a la Collateral and Miami Vice) had to be scrapped when the Panasonic cameras didn’t perform as advertised. I’m hardly an expert, but don’t you thnk they would have realized sooner the footage was unusable? (spotted on Outpost Gallifrey)
  • The Criterion Collection will release a Janus Films boxed set in October, with a book and no less than fifty dvds.
  • Settle some bar bets with Hey, It’s That Guy. Hey, it’s that Googly-Eyed Guy! Hey, it’s That Guy From Most Michael Mann Movies! Hey, it’s That Maybe-Clone-Maybe-Not-Clone Guy from Lost! Hey, it’s That Guy From V and 10 million other movies! This site could double as a Law & Order supporting players roster. (guest submission from It’s That Girl Andrea)
  • Helvetica, the movie! Tracing the 50-year history of the ubiquitous, evergreen typeface, and probably without being able to help it, of graphic design itself. Coming to a festival near you in early 2007. (spotted on Design Observer)

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