The Dork Report

The Dork Report for August 9, 2006

  • An utterly engrossing Manhattan Star Map. How come I’ve never seen Dan Akroyd? (guest submission from Wishes-she-lived-on-the-Upper-West-Side Andrea)
  • The mystery continues: how can the only Mac font manager worth using actually be free? Linotype FontExplorerX is updated to 1.1.
  • Claire Danes wants these so-called snakes out of her so-called life, and this girl took down Arnold, so you’d better listen, you punk-breath snakes.
  • The fallout from AOL’s release of users’ search data continues. The New York Times reports on the suprisingly poignant personal issues that people look into when they think they’re alone: "mature living", "depression and medical leave", "how to kill oneself by natural gas." (guest submission by Andrea)

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