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The Dork Report for January 27, 2007

Horning in on our spottily-updated territory, Mean Teacher gets her Dork on and pens a proper concert review (but not before paying the price). That said, no, you’re never too old. Although it’s probably best The Peppers don’t rock out with their socks out anymore… do they?

Peter Gabriel’s gone indie. (spotted on Genesis-Movement)

This came out of nowhere… at least to me! Microsoft enters the web design & production market with Expression, analogous to Adobe Creative Suite in every area except Flash. Poor Adobe didn’t have a chance to properly enjoy themselves after buying their only competitor. (spotted on Daring Fireball)

Videos of the 20 Greatest Guitar Solos of All Time (according to Guitar World, that is, leading to an extreme “classic rock” prejudice). In other words, 20 ugly men posturing and grimacing before thousands of sycophants. (spotted on Boing Boing)

Khoi Vinh notices the iPhone uses Helvetica throughout. (spotted on Daring Fireball)

Do you have Design Disease? Is it wrong that I’m jealous I have only a mild case compared to this laundry list of advanced symptoms? (spotted on

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Socks were on… feet. The Peppers, alas, played the entire set fully and normally clothed (except Flea’s outfit was an exact — if, possibly, miniaturized — replica of a Lakers’ uniform). And Frusciante has short hair now (looks good!).

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