The Dork Report

The Dork Report for July 5, 2006

  • Paranoid Androids want to know: Have you seen this man?
  • As Doctor Who Season Two draws to a close, a pair of Who News (both spotted on Outpost Gallifrey):
  • New technojargon: Blackberry-go-round: an endless whirlpool of second-guessing, spontaneous opining, and one-syllable utterances by a minimum of four executives mashing thumbs on portable email devices. (I doubt I’m the first to coin this, but I wanted to get it on record just in case)
  • Remember, girls, don’t hassle The Hoff. (guest submission from The Halk)
  • Senator Ted Steven’s staff sends him internets through a series of tubes. These are the people legislating the internet, mind. (guest submission from Dave)
  • Doctor Doom, Spider-Man, The Thing, Dr. Strange, and Silver Surfer meet their maker. Excelsior!
  • New Snakes on a Plane mutha&%$@in’ onesheet. It’s just not cheesy enough.

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