The Dork Report

The Dork Report for July 7, 2006

  • Roger Ebert’s Great Movies. But what on earth was he thinking with Ripley’s Game? As someone who works at New Line / Fine Line (and in fact actually started to design the official web site), my impression was that it went straight to video not because of Lord of the Rings, but rather that no one thought it was very good. That said, I agree with nearly everything Ebert has to say about it; I’ve read the novel and Malkovich indeed is Ripley.
  • Oh. My. God. Lego football stadia. Look at all the little smiley-faced Lego people! (spotted on IconFactory)
  • Some Lost tidbits:
  • Steven Hill in Mother Jones:

    “an elite, trickle-down political system eventually dead-ends in arrogance, secretiveness, and abuse of power. History is filled with examples of this bitter lesson, from the Roman Republic’s prototype democracy imploding into Caesar’s dictatorship, to Germany’s Weimar Republic transmogrifying into the brutality of Hitler’s Third Reich.”

  • The New York tabloids are always worth a glance, and one of yesterday’s is an instant classic.

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