The Dork Report

The Dork Report for October 23, 2006

MyDreamApp finals! I voted for Whistler as I planned all along, but also for Portal, surprising myself, because I previously thought it was redundant for a .Mac user like myself. I still think Hijack is just lame, and Cookbook is really slick but not something I’d have the time or inclination to use myself. I’ve lost interest in Blossom, so that leaves Atmosphere, which also doesn’t really thrill me.

An honest-to-goodness LEGO flamethrower.

The Independent profiles Doctor Who and Torchwood shepherd Russell T. Davies. Potentially disappointing to those expecting Torchwood‘s advertised adult nature:

"I don’t mean sex or swearing; I just mean life, the beat and the tick of it, Gwen in her flat with her boyfriend. It wouldn’t work so well at 7pm on a Saturday."

Heads up! (or should that be "arms up"?) Threadless $10 sale until Wednesday morning.

Speaking of T-Shirts, the mad proliferation of t-sites expands to the Apple afficionado world with Insanely Great Tees.

And now for a Dork Report item aimed at both interface and typography gurus: Icon Words, from (who else?) The Iconfactory.

Finally, a podcast I might listen to: Pixelsurgeon‘s Audiosurgeon.

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