The Dork Report

The Dork Report for September 17, 2006

  • A new addition to the litter of kitty sites Stuff on My Cat (Stuff + Cats = Awesome), Cats That Look Like Hitler (Kitlers), and Kittenwar (may the cutest kitten win), comes Cats in Sinks (It’s about cats. In sinks.). I don’t think there’s a way to link to a specific Cat in Sink, but until then, here’s Buckminster’s contribution. (guest submission from Andrea)
  • It’s your semi-daily Dork Report dose of Doctor Who:
  • Currently enjoying LEGO Star Wars II on my Playstation:
    • The official site is kind of fun; clicking around earns you lego "studs" (the currency of the game), which you can trade in for cheap downloadable goodies, just like Skeeball.
    • Some mainstream press reviews: MSNBC, Village Voice (there’s an odd error in the first paragraph… if the writer was actually the nerdy college kid he claims to have been, even one who would remember that Marv Wolfman wrote Crisis on Infnite Earths, surely he would remember it had nothing at all to do with teaming up DC and Marvel characters?)
  • The Maine national Guard is issuing "Flat Daddies" and "Flat Mommies" to the families of soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. No, really. (spotted on Big O)

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