The Dork Report

The Dork Report for September 20, 2006

  • Yo La Tengo, Hoboken institution, says I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass.
  • The endearing cat sites just keep coming; now we have My Fat Kat (I take it was taken). I take back everything I ever said to Buckminster about his weight. I mean, look at Andy crushing his poor owner (herself not exactly svelt), for crying out loud. (guest submission from Andrea)
  • Arrrr, I be forgettin’ Talk Like a Pirate Day yesterday! Bah! ‘Til next year, maties! Undead monkey! (guest submission from Lady Cutthroat Andrea)
  • Beck’s two-turntables-and-a-microphone D.I.Y. aesthetic manifests on his next album The Information‘s blank cover and four sheets of stickers.
  • I have a Rubik’s Cube on top of my TV, but I’m too much of an idiot to solve more than the top layer. Is it cheating to read a solution? My feeling is that anything that involves learning algorithms can’t count as cheating.
  • MyDreamApp posts mockups of some of its contenders, which goes a long way towards clarifying what they’re supposed to do.
  • Another detailed iTunes 7 interface critique. (spotted on
  • While everyone (or should I say, everydork) is ganging up on Apple for changing a single pixel on iTunes, one should remember that the other giant computer megacorporation is far worse when it comes to inexplicable interface design. (guest submission from Dave)
  • The MPAA’s Greatest Hits, compiled on the official site for the documentary This Film is Not Yet Rated. The very first two items speak volumes. Also, I had never heard about Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction gambit:
    • “1994 – Quentin Tarantino, fearing an NC-17 rating for his cult hit “Pulp Fiction,” includes an effects sequence of a head exploding when he submits his film to the MPAA as a diversionary tactic. As expected, the MPAA suggests that he remove the image of the head exploding (which he had never actually planned to include) but allows him to hang onto the image of brains in Samuel L. Jackson’s hair (which he was worried they would reject).”
  • Rhino’s boxed set packaging design just gets better: A Life Less Lived: The Goth Box is bound in black leather and lace, and Tori Amos’ A Piano is, well, guess.
  • Weird Al wants to bowl with the gangstas in “White and Nerdy.” Multiplatinum Weird Al nails it again. How can one man cram 800 jokes into 3 minutes?
  • AppleInsider reports Apple is scrambling to slap together iTunes 7.0.1, which readers of previous reports will know this Dork Reporter eagerly awaits.

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