The Dork Report

The Dork Report for September 28, 2006

  • Claim a space for yourself on the official site for Neil Gaiman’s new short story collection Fragile Things (and see if you can find Neil while you’re at it).
  • MyDreamApp round 2 voting is open; vote for 12 out of 18 wannabe America’s Next Top Mac Programs. My favorite (the only one I can picture using) is still Ground Control. The last round featured guest judge comments by Mac gurus including Cabel Sasser from Panic, and this time the guests are eminent bloggers from Daring Fireball, The Unofficial Apple Weblog, et al. (although they seem to be generally negative about everything!)
  • AguaT, a free band-aid for iTunes 7 that reverts the button styles back to iTunes 6-style blue glossy buttons. I’m all for fixing Apple’s questionable design choices, but I’m not into permanently mucking around with my system:

    AguaT works by replacing elements of the /resources/ folder in the iTunes application. These changes are permanent to an installation of iTunes, so if you think you may want to revert back to the default iTunes 7 theme, you should back up before installation.

  • An unnamed source told The Star that unspecified producers of the Doctor Who tv series "decided to make a big budget film." What a tease; there’s no news here. Deciding to make a big budget movie is decidedly different from procuring a big budget.

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