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  • Manhattan


    Amazingly, upon a second viewing I didn’t care for Woody Allen’s Manhattan nearly as much as I remembered. Perhaps its status in the canon has retroactively enhanced my opinion. But it still inspires as a big, fat, sloppy kiss to my city, and a poster of Woody & Diane beneath the Brooklyn Bridge hangs on…

  • King Kong (1976)

    King Kong (1976)

    About the only saving graces of this piece of gorilla dung are: A) Jessica Lange actually does a pretty good Marilyn Monroe, and B) Seeing the movie now provides some unintentional emotional oomph: Kong is actually drawn into Manhattan by the primal lure of the World Trade Center. Whose idea was it for Kong to…

  • Only in New York, Pt. II

    INT. COFFEE SHOP – DAY Crowded Upper East Side coffee shop. A older male patron enters and approaches a hipster with a laptop. PATRON: Excuse me, is this seat taken? HIPSTER: Uh, my friend is coming… PATRON: Well, don’t worry, I have a small ass which doesn’t take up too much room. And… scene.

  • Only in New York, Pt. II

    INT: POST OFFICE – DAY A bustling morning at the Post Office. POSTAL EMPLOYEE: “Next!” A PATRON walks up to the counter. PATRON: “Christmas stamps, please.” POSTAL EMPLOYEE: “Do you want the religious or the other ones?” PATRON (with great conviction): “I am a Catholic!” And… scene.

  • Stayin’ Alive

    Not as in getting funky, but as in not getting blown up on the subway. You know how every time there’s a terrorist attack, the media tricks some rescue worker or unfortunate bystander into using the phrase “body parts everywhere”, which they can then morbidly quote with relish? The next batch of human soup you…

  • 11’09″01 – September 11

    11’09″01 – September 11

    11’09″01 – September 11 is a portmanteau film comprised of shorts inspired by or in reaction to the September 11 attacks, made by directors from nearly every continent. At first, I thought for sure I would be giving this one more than three stars, but the quality of the short films takes a steep dive…