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Daily Dork Report for February 2, 2006

In Interactive Design news, there’s the possibility that Flash Player (and other plug-ins) won’t work on new Macs. This is a big deal.

The Rumor Mongers have dug up some more dirty dirt on iPotential iProducts (no longer online:

Educating our representatives about digital music sounds like a good iDea (no longer online:, but hopefully nobody’s iPocketing the iProceeds. OK, that’s enough iJokes for today.

Isn’t The Infinite Cat Project against the law of physics or something? If so, it just may force scientists to reconsider String Theory as just something for kitties to play with.

Here’s how much of a dork I am: whenever I see a headline about the DAVOS summit, I can’t help but think of Davros.

Speaking of the good doctor, the Sci-Fi Channel has finally coughed up the Euros for the first season (no longer online:, with an option for the second, starting March 17. Maybe now it’s time for this TV-Luddite to finally get cable? Or I could always get the Region 1 Canadian dvd…

Ooga Chakka Ooga Ooga Ooga Chakka, Kitt! (no longer online:

Here’s a good one (no longer online: for The Darwin Awards.

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