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Daily Dork Report for January 27, 2006

Wow. What human endeavor can accomplish, given lots of time and plumbing.

Remeber when Pac-Man was just a little yellow circle that ate smaller yellow circles? I guess this is Progress.

“It’s tiny, it lives in acid and it has these bizarre grasping fins.” I love this kind of stuff. But not as much fun as when a “new” dinosaur, giant squid, or a cyclopean kitten turns up.

One reply on “Daily Dork Report for January 27, 2006”

We found the squid! These are amazing times. Too bad about the cat, though, and I can’t say my life is touched by the Pac-Man thing at all. But, God damn, that ice tower is bitchin’. I don’t care what they say, that has got to help with global warming.

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