The Dork Report

The Dork Report for April 7, 2006

Brings new meaning to the phrase beer garden. OK, but does it facilitate pollination? (guest submission from Designated Gardener Andrea)

Spammers don’t know cute. (guest submission from Dave)

Now, this is nothing but bait for Christian Persecution Complex-ers. “We’re under attack by … [whoghk, spit!] … scientists!” (guest submission from Complex Andrea)

Compounds & Elements, a new sampler from the resurgent label All Saints.

What’s the opposite of an oxymoron? Stupid comics. If not stupid enough, pick a random link from the bottom of the page. (guest submission from Dave)

More glorious comics trash in the Gorilla Cover Gallery. (spotted on

Tiktaalik roseae gots da proto-wrists, baby! Take that, ignorant Darwin-hatas!

And she’s already a star. (spotted on Boing Boing [no longer online:])

Skip film school and pitch your scripts to Steven Spielberg On the Lot. (guest submission from Studio Insider Andrea)

Now dorks can reach out and touch their sweeties via Bluetooth with a Hug Shirt. (guest submission from Early Adopter Andrea)

And to close with a strong contender for all-time dorkiest link: an almost-full emulation of Mac OS 7.1… in Flash! (guest submission from Dave)

Test drive a Macintosh!

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