The Dork Report for August 7, 2006

Breaking news: “Sexy music triggers teen sex.” How about just being a teenager triggers teen sex.

Those expecting Apple would release an iPhone-wireless-movie-store-tablet-computer-orgasmatron at today’s WWDC conference were probably disappointed when they instead only announced techie things that matter to “D” for developers:

  • Mac Pro, now with extra oomph. Apple claims it’s not only $850 less than the previous model PowerMac, but $950 less than the equivalent Dell. Macintouch received theirs less than 24 hours after odering, but alas, it was dead on arrival. Ouch.
  • XServe. Not my territory, so no comment.
  • Mac Os X Leopard, with Time Machine (not that Macs ever die – snort! – but just in case), Spaces (Um, maybe. I’d have to try it.), Mail (I can say already that I’ll be using the To-Do feature all the time, but damn the thing is still fugly), and iChat (at last, animated buddy icons! – don’t laugh, I’ve designed dozens at my job).

Sleeeeeeep, my kitty, sleeeeeep…

15″ Powerbook G4 go BOOM. At least two of my family & friends own one of these. (spotted on Engadget and Cult of Mac)

Warner Music is going to sell albums on DVD with surround-sound mixes, videos, etc.? Great, fine, and old news. Yawn. But adding iTunes Music Store tracks to it is an interesting waste of space… it’s your legal right to be able to rip an album you own to a computer, so why would want pre-ripped files with DRM? Oh right, the labels want that, not you.






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