The Dork Report for December 1, 2006

Thank you, DaringFireball, now I know it’s not just me! I too adore Pilot Precise V5 Extra Fine black rollerball pens, and carry one with me everywhere! I loathe to lend one to anybody, and I’m thrown off for the rest of the day on the rare occasions I leave it behind. Further reinforcing my new feeling of community, the customer reviews are all raves. Incidentally, John Gruber was actually blogging about the game SketchFighter (no longer online:, which looks amazing.

The Number 23 onesheet owes a lot to Stefan Sagmeister’s Lou Reed Set the Twilight Reeling poster.

Listen to The Fountain score, and roll your own on The Fountain Remixed [no longer online:].

Don’t let the brussels sprouts bite (no longer online: (guest submission from Andrea)

Typographical horrors on Flickr: Atrocious apostrophe’s and “quotation” “mark” “abuse” photo galleries. (guest submission from Dave)






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