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The Dork Report for Feburary 3, 2007

Kids-in-Mind is my new favorite site, boldly making no distinction between parents (looking for information about the latest piece of crap their kids are begging to see) and right-wing cultural warriors (looking for something else upon which to blame society). According to my non-scientific survey of the site contents, Scary Movie is possibly the most offensive, child-warping movie ever made, out-raunching even Borat. Honorable mention: a surprisingly strong showing by Pride & Prejudice with a Sex/Nudity score of 3 out of a possible 10. Excerpt: “A woman kisses a man’s hand and they hug. A man and a woman argue, and then they come close to kissing each other but do not.” (featuring guest reporting by Andrea)

A fascinating scrap of Hollywood history is uncovered by the New York Post: learn not only that Hitchcock snubbed Speilberg, but more interestingly, why! (guest submission from Andrea)

Smashing Magazine inspires us with 50 wee 16×16 favicon masterpieces, organized into Web 2.0-cliche categories like “Petal.” Also linked: another huge favicon collection at Delta Tango Bravo.

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