The Dork Report for July 14, 2006

After years of getting picked up and put down by various labels, Joseph Arthur is launching his own independent label (no longer online:, Lonely Astronaut. His new album Nuclear Daydream drops on September 19, to be followed by a long-awaited-by-The-Dork-Report US tour running through November.

I’m still immature enough to think things like this (no longer online: are awesome. (spotted on CNN)

An flurry of activity from one of my favorite old (and I mean “old” in the geriatric sense) bands, The Who (no longer online:

  • Their first world tour in over 20 years, if you ignore the numerous reunion mini-tours.
  • A new EP “Wire & Glass” comes out August 1, excerpting a song cycle (known to music snobs as a “rock opera”) from a forthcoming studio album, their first in 23 years!
  • Tons of video, some free, on (no longer online)

Roger Waters live in Italy on July 12 (no longer online:, a concert dedicated to Syd Barrett.






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