The Dork Report for July 22, 2006

More wild Apple speculation: eBooks alongside a full-screen iPod and movie downloads? (spotted on MacRumors)

More details on K-9 and Sarah Jane Smith‘s return to TV, with pictures! (spotted on Outpost Gallifrey)

Kottke highlights an Independent cover graphic that briliantly illustrates international reaction to the war.

Nutjob UN Ambassador John Bolton performs some pretty brutal calculus on the relative worth of Lebanese vs. Israeli citizens’ lives. What a bastard.

Everything about Rhino Records’ new Digital Store seems great: out-of-print albums that would otherwise be unavailable, a huge catalog of music videos, and hand-picked discounted mini-compilations. But they commit some of the biggest music sins of digital music sales (some of which are admittedly just the pet peeves of a music snob):

  • alphabetizing solo artists by their first names, and any band whose name begins with “The” under “T”
  • supports only the extremely unpopular Windows Media DRM, excluding Linux, Macs, iPods, etc.
  • no reviews, credits, liner notes, or even original release dates

The Electronic Frontier Foundation provides new FAQs (Frequently Awkward Questions) for the entertainment industry. (spotted on BigO)

The IconFactory posted a cryptic message on their homepage Friday… what could they be up to?






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