The Dork Report

The Dork Report for June 21, 2006

Vintage 2001: A Space Odyssey goodness: Kubrick at the premiere and an interview with actors Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood. (spotted on Daring Fireball), a new blog about, well, guess. (spotted on Blue Vinyl)

Finally, the perfect plectrum to play LED Zeppelin. (guest submission from Dave, including the wonderfully horrible pun)

Superman Returns teaser and trailer rendered in green-screened Lego. (guest submission from Last Daughter of Krypton Andrea)

The new version of Opera is loaded with bells & whistles, including it’s own widget thing. With something similar built in to Windows and Mac OS X, or free from Yahoo, what’s the point?

New Line Cinema woos & wows the dorks at the New York Licensing Show. I liked the giant Optimus Prime.

WOW! *look*look*look*look*look*look* BORAT HOME PAGE!

Je ne veux pas ces putains de serpants sur la puriture de l’avion! (guest submission from Francophile Andrea)

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