The Dork Report for May 19, 2006

A well-written rant about photorealistic videogames also holds true as to why Polar Express was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen (yes, I’m still mad about that). (spotten on

Katamari Damacy embroidery & pillow on Boing Boing.

Real-life Parrots on a Plane (no longer online: (spotted on Boing Boing)

More entertaining lunacy (no longer online: from Pat Robertson. Entertaining, that is, if you can pretend there aren’t people out there who believe he speaks for god.

Ah din’t come from no fish! (but what really interests me is that there’s a journal called The Foot?!) (spotted on Fortean Times)

People! Relax! (no longer online: It’s a novel. But hey, at least it’s bringing people together.

Thom Yorke’s new album The Eraser (no longer online: The cover is gorgeous.

Dude, WTF? (spotted on Fortean Times)

Two Lost goodies linked from EW’s wrap-ups: (no longer online:, a kind of annoying puzzle whose solution seems to involve a lot of waiting, and the official Hanso Foundation site.






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