The Dork Report for May 31, 2006

Wow, both sides of the isle are getting the axe. Adobe will nix Macromedia Freehand in favor of Illustrator and Adobe GoLive in favor of Dreamweaver. My belove-to-hate Macromedia Fireworks, however, lives for now. Also of note is this article about merging the two massive sites, even though it uses made-up words like “architected.”

Computers take the mystery out of Mona’s voice [no longer online:] and smile. (guest submission from Priceless Work of Art Andrea)

I’m Level Five, if I do say so myself, with occasional and hopefully rare incidences of Level Four. (guest submission from Dave)

Another group lays claim to the Holy Land. (guest submission from Dave)

Robin has two mommies. Hooray for diversity in popular media, but imagine having to explain this one to your 8-year-old reading his first comic book. (guest submission from Secret Identity Rainbow Andrea)

Spider-Man comes to town, and he’s brought his alien symbiote buddy with him. (guest submission from Fairweather Comic Dork Andrea)






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