The Dork Report for November 16, 2006

“Weird Al” Yankovic, not only a brilliant satirist, is also a shrewd collaborator: check out his new video with Jib Jab: Do I Creep You Out (no longer online:

Entertainment Weekly tasks a Star Wars virgin (no longer online:,6115,1558880_1_0_,00.html) to watch all six Star Wars films in chronological order (as opposed to order of release), and is shocked to learn it doesn’t work. Well, duh. I assumed it was obvious to all that the correct order to watch them would be IV » V » VI » I » II » III. A prequel is not necesssarily intended to be viewed first. Or to put it another way, prequel is like one big-ass flashback, meant to illuminate what you’ve already seen, but whose significance isn’t palpable if seen first. (guest submission from Andrea)

Blender‘s most disatrous albums (link no longer online). Proud to say I only own one of them, Moby’s Animal Rights. (guest submission from Andrea)

Abandoned Places. (guest submission from Dave)

Piece together LEGO minifig bands. Hilariously accurate, especially the incarnations of U2 from 1987, 2000, and 2004.






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