The Dork Report for October 8, 2006

Brian Eno has composed a “soundtrack” for the Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition phone. Here’s the Nokia press release, but I haven’t found any sound samples yet.

Peter Gabriel announces the winners of the Real World Remixed “Shock the Monkey” competition. They sound great, so good in fact that they ought to be released on CD, or at least possible to download and save to your computer. My personal favorite, by far, is Doghouse Riley’s “Monkeying Around”. Sheer brilliance! [update: links no longer online]

Peter Gabriel also throws his weight behind The Filter [update: URL no longer available], a software add-on to iTunes that will automagically generate playlists. If I understand it correctly, you start by picking a few songs you like to (for example) work out to, and The Filter uses its own database of all its users preferences to flesh out the rest of your playlist with work-out like songs. Currently available for Windows only, but coming soon for the Mac. Sounds like the sort of thing that really ought to be doing.






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