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The Dork Report for August 22, 2006

My head is spinning, counting all these Doctor Who spinoffs! Cancelled before it even began was Rose Tyler: Earth Defence, starring Billie Piper. The other three are still in motion: definitely Torchwood and maybe K-9 Adventures and Sarah Jane Investigates.

Time Magazine’s 50 Coolest Websites for 2006 (and Top 25 overall). Yay Cute Overload! Boo! (who knew you still existed? but you still suck for using a cross-platform technology and excluding Macs anyway), a new blog keeping track of our own homegrown radical religious nutjobs, such as those that that equate Darwin with Hitler and use cheesy science-fiction nightmares to argue against stem cell research.

Google expands their world-domination plans:

  • Writely, a browser-based word processor useful to practically everybody (competing, obviously, with Microsoft Office)
  • Google Analytics, for web site, uh, analytics (competing with things like Mint – no longer online:

Edge Magazine profiles Katamari creator Keita Takahashi (no longer online: The original print design is fantastic (no longer online:

Life imitates art: Snakes in a Movie Theater! (passed around at work)

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