The Dork Report for April 20, 2006

Pee Wee. Definitely Pee Wee. *shudder* (guest submission by Dave)

Who knew? Bush took the initiative in inventing the iPod. And now that a huge percentage of the population owns one, the Justice Department can activate the hidden Echelon II chip inside… NOW! (guest submission by Dave)

Chris Ware on the frustrations of having his elaborate comics printed & distributed. (spotted on

Dorkiest. Link. Ever. [update: no longer online:] Featuring Spider-Man and special guest star Agent Faces. Where do I sign up for The Mighty Marvel Marching Society? (guest submission by Your Friendly Neighborhood Andrea, with reporting by Dave)

Roll a real-world Katamari Damacy [update: no longer online:] in San Francisco. (spotted on Boing Boing) q.v. my Katamari love letter.

The Brothers Wayan are on the offense again. These guys are a high-low concept machine!






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