The Dork Report for March 20, 2006

A third 2,500 year-old sarcophagus (no longer online: found in Cyprus, with illustrations from Homer. The US and Britain each already have one; who gets to cart this one home?

Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blogge (no longer online: (guest submission by Dave)

In what can only be evidence of cosmic karma, one cat will get to experience life as a mouse. (spotted on Boing Boing)

If anyone can appreciate a killer attack of the absurd, it’s Neil. (spotted on Boing Boing)

Hearteningly, Bush has been deemed unfavorable by, get this, Fox News! (since about October of last year)

I don’t even like South Park, but Trey Parker & Matt Stone’s recent statement is a work of comic brilliance.

The New York Times notes a trend towards nattering in feature-film animation.

Shall I compare thee to a nerve-wrackingly insane-making scripting language (no longer online: (guest submission by Dave)

Snakes on a Mutha&$%#in’ Plane! The new teaser is rockin’ blogs all over the web, so why don’t I just post it here too (no longer online: I am SO proud to work for New Line.

It’s about time, yadda yadda. Doctor Who finally premiered in the US on March 17. Too slow, suckas! I already got my region 1 dvd from Canada! A few choice press pieces culled from the fantastic Outpost Gallifrey (no longer online: The New York Times, The Village Voice, Time Out New York, The Hollywood Reporter, and Entertainment Weekly.

More good examples of how bad Microsoft’s imminent patent-dodge (no longer online: will suck for everyone. (spotted on

Blogging 4 Books (no longer online:






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  1. Holley Avatar

    sarcophagus — why can’t the Cyprians keep it
    Chaucer Blog — that’s funny even to French majors
    Snakes on a Plane — still convinced it’s a joke

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